words with gratitude…

wow… ok, so 2015 is coming to a close super quick, and with so many things going on and so much to say, i think it’s about time we took a beat and started up the blog again.

first off, WE DID IT!! we made it through this year with hardly a scratch on us and we’ve made so many rad new friends all over the country. from benefit shows, to huge music fests, to tattoo expos, we want to shout a million thanks out to everyone who’s helped us along the way. very specifically, we want to give huge hugs and kisses to the awesome guys and gals who make vans warped tour, so what?! music fest, and westchester tattoo convention happen. the biggest thanks especially to kevin lyman, mike zemier and dan defonce, chris wilcock and gian giacinto and all the amazing folks at addicted to ink who have helped us out along the way – it’s hard to say we would’ve done what we did this year without them. more thanks to the awesome folks at altercation records, and everyone involved with upstart fest, rats nest run-in, and rust riot for their support and affection; we can’t wait to see what happens next year! big hug to travis myers for all the love we’re always getting from him. naturally, a thousand kisses to the bands and crews who have been there along the way: this wild life, set it off, mayday parade, all time low, vanna, secrets, like moths to flames, secondhand serenade, i am the avalanche, state champs… you guys are the reason we’re making it happen. AND!! and and and, of course…


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! we don’t exist without all of YOU!!!!!

it’s already the holiday season… just wow. this year, and particularly the last few weeks, have been tumultuous to say the least. people around the country – and the planet – have had to deal with so much. when you spend so many days afraid to even leave your bed because of world events, terror, horror, death and despair, sometimes it’s difficult to be thankful for what you have, or at least have left. the past weeks have seen people and cities in ruins, police and criminals ruling the media, friends and family taking sides against each other… so many downs it’s impossible not to hear the hearts breaking. on a “smaller” scale, we’ve seen rockstars fall from grace, bands fight for their lives, the unnecessary death of friends, and the end of eras. it puts into perspective squabbles over coffee cups or the color of an ugly dress.

but what it all really comes down to, for us, is this: we are grateful.

we’ve spent over 3 years now working to spread a message of acceptance and an idea that so many can get behind – DON’T HATE. easy enough! we started out screaming acceptance for body mods and tattoos, but when it comes down to it, every lifestyle choice is someone else’s alternative. so this time of year, do yourself a favor…