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early in 2014, love hard premiered its first line of merchandise, including some pretty awesome apparel and accessories. but we haven’t forgotten that that’s not the point. and we don’t want anyone else to forget it either.

in 2012, we began as an anti-bullying art campaign, to help abolish discrimination against those of us with tattoos and other body modifications. we’ve chosen a different path, we live an alternative lifestyle. that doesn’t make us any less human than the rest of the general population, and more people need to realize that. not just, but we need to remember for ourselves that we shouldn’t be made to feel embarrassed or ashamed of who we are or how we choose to live. we shouldn’t have to explain our choices, we shouldn’t have to cover ourselves or hide our bodies from the general public, and we absolutely shouldn’t have to apologize for our individualities. in one way or another, we make excuses for those who disagree with the way we “treat” our bodies. we’re well into the 21st century… it’s about time we entered a truly all-inclusive era of acceptance.

the last century has seen the rights of so many minorities blossom, and they still continue to grow exponentially. the modified are the new minority. people will tell you that tattoos are becoming more a part of the “mainstream,” that they’re more readily accepted in the workplace… they should be accepted everywhere! there’s no reason a mother should be silently judged for running her tattooed fingers through her baby’s hair. there’s no reason a father should pull his child out of the way of another man walking just because he spies a neck tattoo. we don’t need to be touched, grabbed, studied, or scrutinized, we don’t need to have strangers’ fingers poking through our stretched ears, and we absolutely don’t need to be constantly asked “didn’t that hurt?”

we are individuals, but we are not different.

younger as well as older generations of the modified deal with looks and whispers everyday, and the younger are especially susceptible to it all. so many of these kids are growing up doubting themselves because they are made to feel like outcasts. it leads to body issues and a lack of self esteem that no one should have to live with, and far too often the issues lead to  self-harm, self-mutilation, and even suicide. no one should be forced to concede and conform just to survive. and that’s what we’re passing along. that’s what love hard is all about.

any assistance we get is so greatly appreciated and put to exceptionally good use. not only do your contributions allow us to sustain and continue to push our message of pride and equality, but a portion of all donations go directly to benefit organizations worldwide to help spread awareness and stomp out the epidemic of self-harm and suicide. please, consider making a donation, and make a difference in the lives of the next generation. every body is beautiful, and everyone deserves to believe it.

donate to love hard